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Health and Wellness

Health Services

New Hampton School will provide your student with high quality school nursing services, day infirmary care, preventive and rehabilitative care for sports injuries, brief behavioral and emotional assessments, brief supportive counseling and treatment coordination, and on-site medical care for minor illnesses and injuries. 
A daily clinic for acute illness and injuries will be held from 10 am until noon, Monday, Wednesday, and FridayThe nurse-practitioner will be available by appointment.  

Health Center Hours
Monday - Friday | 7:30am – 7:30pm 
Saturday - Sunday | 8:00am – 1:00pm

Flu and Virus Preparedness

As students return to campus, we take many steps to care for the health and well-being of our community.

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  • Our flu and virus protocol includes:

    • Educating students and staff about the flu 
    • Asking students and staff to stay home when ill 
    • Asking students and staff to cover their mouth and nose when sneezing
    • Providing alcohol-based hand sanitizer
    • Cleaning surfaces frequently
    • Developing a plan to include further developments and recommendations 

Counseling Services

Nicole Siciliano, Director of Counseling Services, holds an MEd in School Counseling as well as a BA in Psychology from Saint Michael's College. Nicole has a passion for helping students and families navigate through various mental health challenges, including:
  • Assessment and support for students struggling with various emotional challenges
  • Psychoeducation in the development of lifelong skills including increased self-advocacy, healthy coping mechanisms, social awareness, and empathy for others
  • Facilitation and connection with parents, advisors, teachers, or other essential adults in the student's life
  • A comprehensive and school-wide Health and Wellness curriculum
  • Appropriate referrals to out-sourced therapists for students seeking long-term, individual therapy

Dining Services

New Hampton School provides nutritious, tasteful meals with a range of options including a hot food line, soup station, salad bar and deli bar. The dining hall serves three meals a day Monday through Saturday, and is open for brunch and dinner on Sundays. Students have unlimited access to food during academic hours. We accommodate special dietary needs, are a nut-free dining facility, and, also list common allergens on food labels for those with allergies.

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Services for Athletes

In addition, New Hampton School employs two full-time state-licensed certified athletic trainers. The training room is equipped with a hydro-collator, ultrasound unit, electrical muscle stimulant unit, two whirlpool tubs, and four treatment tables. New Hampton School has a total of 8 portable External Automated Defibrillators (AED's) on campus for our use. Please refer to the Athletic Training page for more details on this facility. 

Student Groups and Clubs

Health and Wellness Council
Students involved in the Health and Wellness Council work closely with the members of Health Services to support the health and wellness of the student community.

Over the course of eight weeks, students learn the basics of yoga through physical postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.

The GSA mission is to be a safe, inclusive place to connect with others and educate members and the community about LGBTQ+ topics.

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